Detection and generation of THz radiation by plasma waves in nanometric two-dimensional systems
Université Montpellier II
Pr. M. Levinshtein. Lectures on Modern Semiconductor Devices
1Microwave devices: main principles of operation.
2Space limited charge currents in semiconductors and semiconductor devices.
3Geometrical magnetoresistance: device characterization.
4The 1/f noise in the nature.
5Low-frequency and 1/f noise in semiconductors and semiconductor devices.
Pr. S. Rumyantsev. Lectures on low frequency noise in Modern Semiconductor Devices
1Basics of the noise in semiconductors. 
2Low frequency noise in wide-band gap semiconductors (SiC, GaN). 
3Light emitting diodes and their noise. 
4 Low frequency noise in submicron devices. 
5Noise issues in terahertz radiation detectors.